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World Autism Week

Published 25th March 2022, in Blog, Uncategorised

We’re celebrating World Autism this week (29th March – 4th April 2022) by dispelling myths about autism, what it is and what it isn’t. We’ll also be sharing an interview with our very own Katherine Last who is proud to be autistic.

Autistic on Wheels

Katherine, who is part of our Deaf Get Active team, has put together the information we’ll be sharing on our website and social media channels Facebook and Twitter. Katherine also has her own Autistic on wheels Blog where she posts about current issues, developments, matters of identity, and autism acceptance.

Did you know that autism is not a learning disability, that most autistic people prefer identity-first language, and it is not something you ‘grow out of’? Find out more on the Hidden Disability section of our website.

What is autism? A neurodevelopmental difference that affects every aspect of a persons being.