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Dave’s Epic Lockdown Challenge

Published 24th February 2021, in Fundraising, News & Updates

Rowing half a marathon every day throughout February for charity

Exeter based Dave is taking to the water, or in this case his static rowing machine, to row half a marathon every day throughout February., the equivalent of rowing from Exeter to Newcastle. Dave is taking on the challenge to raise vital funds for our charity Living Options Devon, so we can continue to provide support services, information, and advice for disabled people, people with long term health conditions, and Deaf people who use British Sign Language.

With only days to go until the end of his challenge, please show your support and encourage Dave by sponsoring him to reach the finish line. So far he’s raised £260 but he’d love to reach his target of £500 by the end of the week. Thank you for all your support.

The fundraising team caught up with Dave to find out why he’s taken on this epic challenge.

Why are you taking on such an amazing challenge?

“Well, back in April last year (Lockdown#1) my step Daughter, Becki, did a fundraiser for Paignton Zoo, rowing a marathon on my static rowing machine, and it got me thinking that I could do something similar in Lockdown#3”.

Why are you doing it in support of Living Options Devon?

“Becki started working for Living Options Devon in November 2020, to be honest I’d never heard of the charity up until that point, but my father was almost blind and would have benefitted from the work and services that Living Options offer. After hearing Becki speak of the work the charity does, it really made me want to do something to help in the current crisis. This charity makes such a difference to people’s lives, people just like my dad. Also, I think a subject that is unfortunately big on everyone’s radar at the moment is Suicide and Depression, LOD has some incredible resources to help people with this as well which I think we can all agree is needed at the moment, so let’s make sure their work continues!”.

How long will it take you to row half a marathon each day?

“Half a marathon rowing is just over twenty-one thousand meters, so it will take me about 2 hours each day to row half a marathon. Over the month my virtual row will take me from Exeter to Newcastle”.

Have you trained for this?

“Yes, I take part in regular exercise and I am not a novice to rowing but I most certainly have never taken on a challenge like this before so will need all the support I can get! I really need people to get behind me and support me to keep the momentum going and to keep rowing each day throughout the month”.

How can people support you?

I have a fundraising page where people can donate and sponsor me. You can also follow my progress and like and share Living Options Devon posts on social media so that we can reach as many people as possible. Thanks for your support!

Sponsor Dave and Donate

Dave’s Fundraising Page Donate to Living Options Devon

Follow Dave’s progress

On social media make sure you like, comment and reshare so we can reach as many people as possible using the hashtag #RowDaveRow