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Help to influence social media accessibility in the South West

Published 7th June 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates

Plymouth University final year student Fabia Cloke is working on a research project and report that will advise a South West Government agency on best practices for creating social media communications that are fully accessible.

You can help her gain an understanding of your lived-experience of using social media and influence her final report. Fabia gave us this overview of the project.

Fabia Cloke

My name is Fabia Cloke and I’ve recently finished my final year at University of Plymouth. I am completing an internship with a South West Government agency to improve their social media accessibility to the Deaf and disabled communities in Devon and Cornwall. I’m an advocate for making things more inclusive for communities, no matter how big or small, and I have been given the chance with this project to help make a difference in the way a local Government agency interacts with the public in Devon and Cornwall.

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You can provide your input to Fabia’s report and potentially influence the way the Government organisation ensures their social media posts are inclusive of users with disabilities or who are Deaf.

You can help Fabia by completing the anonymous survey here

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