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Waiting Well

Support whilst you are on the NHS Waiting List.

Connecting patients with services in their community to support them in maintaining their independence whilst waiting for medical treatment.

Who can access this service?

We are working closely with the NHS to support people who are on elective care waiting lists. This is not a self-referral service. Your hospital will refer you to us via the ‘Devon Referral Support Service’. In order to access this support you need to have a referral number, and to have completed the NHS Survey requesting additional support. You can find out more at MyHealth Devon.

Not yet been referred? You may still find this information and signposting useful.

We can direct you to services to help you with:

Pain Management

Help in handling pain without medication.

There are many ways to help manage pain without medication. Including mindfulness, exercise, getting out, and connecting with others. Meeting other people and joining local community groups


Living Independently

Helping you in maintaining an independent life at home. Access to mobility aids, communication aids, and sight and loss support.


Wellbeing and Confidence

Help in maintaining a positive mood and outlook on life. We appreciate that waiting for treatment can cause anxiety and worry. We can help you find services so you can feel better.


Community Support

There’s lots of support and help out there in your local community. Let us guide you to the advice and information you need, available in your local area.


Meeting other people

There’s nothing like speaking to someone in a similar position as you. Talking through your worries and life issues can make a real difference.

You are not alone – we’ll connect you with others in your community.


Fit for treatment

Do you need help getting fit for treatment? For example weight loss, reduce smoking and alcohol consumption.

Contact your local Healthy Lifestyle team for help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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