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A return to the woods for forestry worker Peter

When Sophie posted a story on social media about her Dad enjoying the Trampers we got in touch to say it would be amazing to be able to share.

It is wonderful to hear how Countryside Mobility Trampers are making a difference to people every day, often in very special and personal ways.

Here’s Sophie and Peter’s story

“My Dad worked for the Forestry Commission for over 40 years. He started with piecework on chainsaws and advanced his career until he became the Area Forester for Bellever, retiring in 2013.

Being outdoors was my Dad’s passion. The woods were his spiritual home, so when his health declined, he could no longer join me for walks at Haldon.

Fortunately, the wonderful rangers at Haldon Forest Park told me about the Countryside Mobility Scheme and the availability of Trampers for hire.

Thanks to this amazing service, my Dad and I were able to return to the woods for a walk yesterday.

It was truly wonderful. Dad welled up at being able to get out and about again. We joined the scheme so just waiting for the information to come through so we can then look at other places to go.

Such a fabulous scheme. Thank you for helping my Dad.”

A montage of photos as Peter explores Haldon forest on a Tramper. The sweeping path is surrounded by greenery and trees. A viewpoint resting place overlooks far reaching forest views.
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