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David’s Story

David is 78 years old and was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both eyes 12 years ago. When David first received the diagnosis he was devastated. He felt that he would no longer be able to do anything he had previously enjoyed and that he would lose all his independence and feel isolated.

David was encouraged by his wife to get in touch with the See Hear Centre team. The team listened to David’s worries and provided a variety of information, advice and support to help with his diagnosis and the problems he was facing in day to day life. The team also demonstrated the various different types of equipment available to him, which he was able to loan and try at home. This support has significantly improved the quality of David’s life and has given him hope that he can still do the things that matter to him.

Through the service he now has various assistive technology devices around his home. David now feels that he can carry out daily activities and practical tasks independently. Simple things like making a cup of tea and going out by himself are now possible for him, which has boosted his confidence.

David feels it is the See Hear Centre service which has given him this confidence and ‘can do’ attitude.

For more information visit the See Hear Centre page or contact the team Jan or Jenny freephone number 0300 303 3691 or telephone 01271 373 236. Text / SMS: 07831 515809  You can also contact the hub team via email 

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