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Mary’s Story

Mary is someone who really wanted to work but was not having a lot of luck getting a job. Mary is profoundly Deaf and has disabilities and language issues, she gets confused at times on what she needs to do and makes mistakes.

The Deaf Led services team have supported Mary in applying for jobs, she needed help filling in job applications and organising interpreters via Access to Work for interviews. Mary was successful in securing a job at her local Co-op, the Deaf Led services team provided further help with on-line training and sorting Access To Work for communication support for Mary.

The team will continue to provide support to Mary and her employer on any problems that may arise during her employment.

Do you want to get back to work? Are you part of the Deaf Community and want support seeking employment or help with your job? Please contact the Deaf Led Services Team by email or SMS 07856 426 940

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