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UK Accessibility Innovation: Have you heard of the Zero Project?

Published 24th June 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates

7 UK organisations receive accessibility innovation awards from the The Zero Project.

The Zero Project funds and shares solutions that improve the daily lives and legal rights of persons with disabilities.

Zero Project logo

The Zero Project is a global network of partners, experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders, and other changemakers. The Zero Project works to create a world with zero barriers and to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). 

Every year the Zero Project focuses on a particular disability subject, and this year it was Accessibility. They have a four year cycle where they will focus on the subject again within the next four years.

This year’s Zero Project research on Accessibility looked at solutions in these categories: 

  • Built environment 
  • Public transport and public infrastructure 
  • Products and services 
  • ICT-based approaches working in such areas as orientation systems, communication platforms, learning tools 
  • Workplace adaptations 
  • Sign language and easy-language applications, • Urban development and ‘smart cities’ 
  • Tourism 
  • Culture and arts, sports, and leisure

Emphasis was also given to responses to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to disasters and emergency situations.

The UK gained 7 out of the 31 awards from the Zero Project this year. These were:

Blue Badge Style Access Gallery – App

Picture galleries providing comprehensive insight into a venue’s accessibility. 

Blue Badge Style Logo

Global Symbols – CIC

An online toolbox of symbols enabling communication for all, without the use of language.  

Image of a grid of symbols

Hassell Inclusion – Scorecard for accessibility self-assessment

Digital Accessibility Maturity Scorecard for companies.  

Hassell Inclusion

Transport for London – Disability Advisory Group

Advisory board supporting the London Transport Authority in accessibility matters.  

Made by TfL logo

Waymap – Orientation app

Accurate navigation system for the blind and visually impaired to improve public services. 

Waymap logo

Centre for Access to Football in Europe – ADC

Audio-descriptive commentary for blind and partially sighted people in football stadiums. 

C.A.F.E. logo

Sightsavers – Accessibility Standards and Audit Pack

Toolkit and training to make health facilities in low-income countries more accessible.

Sightsavers logo

These organisations have created some innovative solutions for improving the lives of the disabled community. You can learn more about the Zero Project here:

Learn more about The Zero Project Read the full Zero Project Report 2022