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Update: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for Disabled People

Published 25th August 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates

Disappointing Government response to the Grenfell disaster recommendations.

40% of disabled people living at Grenfell Tower died in the fire disaster

Disabled people’s organisations have been calling on the Government to make Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS) for disabled people a legal obligation. The Government has rejected the Grenfell Tower Inquiry’s recommendations to require building managers to have Emergency Evacuations Plans for disabled people. The Government has rejected the recommendation for the third time.

Disabled peoples organisations (DPOs) have been working with Clad DAG and Grenfell United to ensure that PEEPS become a legal obligation on building owners and managers. They are demanding these three actions of the Government:

1. Ensure disabled leaseholders live in accessible homes of their choice, unimpeded by the building safety crisis.

2. Protect disabled leaseholders from the costs resulting from remedial safety works.

3. Provide disabled leaseholders with the aids and equipment needed for safe evacuation.

Continuing their fight, Clad DAG has launched a Twitter campaign which you can join.

If you are on Twitter, you can tag @Claddag and anyone else you feel is relevant using the hashtags #EVACPLANSNOW #NOTJUSTWHEELCHAIRS

Or you can email your photos to Claddag to share.

There are also providing signs you can use for the campaign here – Campaign signs 

You can read the summary of the Emergency Evacuation Information Sharing Consultancy from Clad DAG. You can also watch Clad DAG’s video stories.

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