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A job interview with a Deaf person

Published 20th July 2023, in News & Updates

Being interviewed for a job as a Deaf or hard of hearing person can be a frustrating experience. However, with some thought and preparation by the organisation, and person carrying out the interview, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Deaf Umbrella have created a blog which explains the challenges faced by people that are Deaf or hard of hearing. It shows simple ways that you as an organisation can help the process run smoothly before, during and after a job interview. It includes:

  • Before an interview – think how best to communicate. Contact by email and not phone. Let the candidate choose their preferred interpreting service company
  • Think about the room you will use to conduct the interview. Try to avoid lots of noise or visual disruptions
  • If the candidate uses an interpreter remember to always speak directly to the Deaf person
  • Speak in your normal tone, at your normal pace
  • Treat the person with respect and don’t patronise
  • After an interview, if the candidate is qualified, ask about which accommodations would help them succeed in the role
  • Read about the Government grant scheme Access to Work. An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support to enable your employee to start or stay in work
  • Arrange Deaf Awareness training for your company. It will have a positive impact on both the business as a whole and the Deaf employee

If unsure of the appropriate way to proceed in a particular situation, just relax and ask.

By taking the time to consider how certain actions can impact a Deaf or hard of hearing person organisations can discover, and recruit talented individuals, ready to make a difference in the workplace.

The full article by Deaf Umbrella is called The before, during and after for a successful job interview with a Deaf person we highly recommend spending some time to read it through.

At Living Options Devon we can offer a consultation about Access to Work for Deaf people for further information please get in touch:

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