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Help and Support

Your Wellbeing

We believe that everyone has a right to a sense of wellbeing, to feel comfortable, safe, and in their best health. How you maintain your wellbeing will be personal to you. Sometimes, everyone needs some help with their wellbeing.

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Check your wellbeing

Wellbeing is about feeling comfortable in body and mind. When we are feeling well, our life can open up in ways that are meaningful to us. When we are not feeling well, things like work, education, and hobbies can suffer.

Everyone is different

Wellbeing is different for everyone. We each have different physical, emotional, social, and practical needs, and these will change depending on our circumstances. It’s really helpful to check your wellbeing with someone else, such as speaking with our friendly Time to Talk team or one of our trained counsellors. Or try a new activity with the help of our Deaf Get Active team or Countryside Mobility scheme.

We also share useful links to videos and information from organisations who work with us to provide tips and techniques to help you relax and help with feelings of stress or worry. Explore this web page or contact our friendly Hub team for more information and support .

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Feel valued

Being part of a community is a great way to improve your wellbeing, and we love to include people at Living Options. You could consider volunteering with us, or having your say on disability issues by joining the Devon Disability Network. Or maybe you’d like to have some fun by fundraising for us?

Useful Links

Our Support Services

Time To Talk

Our free, confidential listening support and advice helpline, for those with a disability, long term health condition or Deaf people who use BSL.

Learn more

The Hub

Your first point of contact with Living Options Devon, our friendly Hub team connects you to the support services, advice, and information that you need.

Learn more

Deaf Led Services

As British Sign Language users and members of the Deaf Community, the Deaf Led team know first-hand the issues faced by Deaf people and the best advice and support to give to overcome these.

Learn more

Devon Disability Network (DDN)

Enabling disabled and Deaf people to campaign and be involved in developing the support services they need.

Learn more

Countryside Mobility

Providing easy access to the countryside for anyone who has difficulty walking, through an off road mobility scooter hire scheme
Explore the South West with freedom and ease.

Learn more

Deaf Get Active and Volunteer

Get Active with us or support others to get into sport through volunteering.

Learn more

Counselling Service

6 free sessions of accessible counselling to people with a disability and members of the Deaf community (British Sign Language Users) across Devon.

Learn more

See Hear Centre

Our North Devon hub supporting you with information, advice and equipment for sight and hearing loss.

Learn more

Heritage Ability

Our team works with heritage sites across the south west supporting them in improving the customer experience for disabled people and Deaf people who use British Sigh Language

Learn more

Victim Care and Support

Free confidential support for victims of crime

Learn more

Your Stories

William’s Story

I didn’t know what to expect or if they would be able to help me. When I got there it was fabulous. The equipment you can try out and hire makes all the difference.

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Mick’s Story

“It is very rewarding watching people build their confidence and being part of their journey in sports”

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June’s Story

“Anyone to talk to is very helpful, you can just phone them and they are happy to talk to you. They listen and get to know your back story. To know there’s a voice there to listen to you when you need it has made a difference.”

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Ted’s Story

“I’m fifty and can now go with my wife, grandchildren and dog rather than sitting in the car pretending I’m okay.”

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Zoe’s Story

‘’Living Options Devon, gave me my life back.’’

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Sheila’s Story

“I now have my confidence to participate in the discussions that matter to me and a voice I want to share”.

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