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We empower disabled people to live the life they choose.

Living Options Devon is working across the South West to ensure that people with disabilities and Deaf people (who use British Sign Language) can live the life they choose.

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Can we help you?

Click on the links below to discover how we can help and support you.

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    Your Mobility

    Providing you with the information and advice you need to make your daily tasks easier, and to give you access to services that put the enjoyment into living.

    Find out more about Mobility

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    Your Deaf Community

    The Deaf Led team understands the importance of Deaf culture and know from personal experience the issues faced by Deaf people and the best advice and support to overcome these.

    Find out more about Deaf Community

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    Your Sight and Hearing

    Our specialist team offer free support, impartial advice and equipment information in relation to living with sight loss, hearing loss and tinnitus.

    Your Sight and Hearing

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    Your Hidden Disability

    Not all disabilities are immediately obvious. A wide range of medical, sensory, neurological, and mental health conditions can impact on daily living.

    Your Hidden Disability

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    Your Wellbeing

    We believe that everyone has a right to a sense of wellbeing – to feel comfortable, safe, and in their best health. How you maintain your wellbeing will be personal to you. Sometimes, everyone needs some help with their wellbeing.

    Your Wellbeing

Who we are

Our website in BSL

Your Stories

“It stopped me from worrying about things, we could talk things through. It was somebody at the end of the phone to have a laugh with.” 

Your Stories is a place where people who use our services and support can share their experiences.

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Can you help us?

There are many ways to get involved in Living Options Devon. For example, whether you are interested in volunteering or working for us; joining as a member of one of our services or to help us raise funds to continue our charitable work!

Get Involved – volunteer, events, campaign, work with us

Give the gift of support this Christmas

Help us continue to provide our range of vital support services by making a donation this Christmas. Just £5 will help us provide specialist equipment to someone with a visual impairment.

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Winter Pressure Equality and Diversity Fund – Apply Now

We are delighted to be one of the local organisations delivering the ‘Winter Pressure Equality and Diversity Fund ‘. We […]

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Your Feedback on us

Your feedback helps us improve our services and shape our future support for you.

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What does an advocate do?

“An advocate is someone who supports another person to express their views and wishes. Someone might not be able to fully express their opinion or views on a serious matter to do with their wellbeing, health, living or education”.

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Accessible Trails at Glen Lynn Gorge

Glen Lyn Gorge is near the mouth of the River Lyn near Lynmouth on Exmoor and was the recipient of a refurbished all terrain mobility scooter thanks to HCT Turf and the #ILoveMyGarden photo competition.

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What is Counselling?

What is counselling? When should someone seek counselling and how can it help? Find the answers to these questions and many more in this thirty minute interview.

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