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Help and Support

Sight and Hearing Service

Supporting you with information, advice and equipment for sight and hearing. The team also signpost to additional support services locally for disabled people and members of the Deaf Community.

A room with different types of equipment to help you see and hear if your have a sensory loss impairment. A man is stood with a woman and uses a magnifier to read a book.
  • I have a hearing aid but can’t hear people on the phone
  • I have been told that I have Macular Degeneration and they can’t do anything for me. I’m worried that I’ll go blind.
  • The ringing in my ears doesn’t stop and no-one seems to understand
  • I don’t go out anymore because I can’t see well enough

Finding everyday life difficult?

We support you to find solutions to the day to day problems you experience because of your sight or hearing, including advice and support for Tinnitus.

Sensory Equipment Advice

Our sight and hearing support and advice team are based in Roundswell Community Centre, Barnstaple.

Usually, the service is open on Tuesdays, 9am – 1pm. We offer support online, over the telephone, by email and by face-to-face appointments. The team can also talk to you on Zoom and Teams or you can send us a text message. To arrange for an appointment contact us today and we will determine if a face-to-face appointment is required. Appointments take place on Tuesday 10am – 1pm, by appointment only.

The sight and hearing team will carry out an informal consultation with you and advise on the equipment which might improve how you hear or how you read and see. The team have lots of different equipment and tools for sight and hearing, such as magnifiers and adapted telephones, they can demonstrate these to you and you can ‘try before you buy’.

Our friendly team can also signpost you to other organisations who may be able to provide you with further support, and to sensory peer support groups in your area.

Visit our Sight & Hearing page.


Contact our HUB team by telephone 01392 459 222   SMS: 07856426940

You can also contact the HUB team via email Please get in touch we’re here to help.

Pre-arranged appointments take place at:

Roundswell Community Centre,
Gratton Way,
Barnstaple.  EX31 3NL

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