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About Living Options Devon

We offer a range of help and support services for people with a long term health condition, disability and / or who are Deaf, where British Sign Language is their first language.

Man on all terrain mobility scotter, group of people waving on webcams, man on telephone smiling to camera and back of a man in wheelchair wearing a high viz vest with Living Options Devon logo

Humble Beginnings

Solid Foundations

Living Options Devon has significantly grown from its humble beginnings.  The charity began with just one employee and Peter as a volunteer, to now encompass a wide range of support services for disabled people, people with a long term health condition, and members of the Deaf Community across the south west.

“I’m sure the organisation is more than capable of going on to bigger and better things. We’ve got a lot of good staff, a high quality team and I’m sure they will take it to another level. I’m only pleased that I’ve been able to play a small part in that”.

Peter Swain Founder of Living Options Devon

The Heritage Ability Team winning the National Lottery Heritage Award
Heritage Ability team being awarded the National Lottery Heritage Award
group photo of Living Options Devon staff 2019

Thirty Years

The charity continues Peter’s legacy striving to improve the service provision for disabled people in the community. 

Peter’s research in the early 1980s, along with that of those he volunteered with, centered around the extra provision for disabled people and what was available at that time by the statutory and voluntary sectors.

Thirty years on we pride ourselves on still championing the needs and rights of disabled people and members of the Deaf Community (who use British Sign Language (BSL)).

User Led and Disability Confident

Being led and run by disabled and Deaf people helps us understand the issues facing disabled and Deaf people.  We have established trust and credibility within the community, and have a strong commitment to partnership working, particularly through joining up with other charities to provide better services for disabled people.

Find out more in our Strategic Overview.

Exciting Future

Providing that extra service provision that Peter outlined in the very beginning remains our focus today. We offer services, information, and advice that give disabled people and members of the Deaf Community the skills and support they require to overcome barriers such as:

  • discrimination
  • access issues
  • social isolation
  • communication barriers
  • lack of opportunities

We empower them to live the lives they want; to enjoy independence; gain employment; to know their rights and to find the courage to voice those rights and with your support will continue to do so.


Our Impact

Two people in the outdoors, a green wood on a sunny spring summer day, the person on he left is in an all terrain mobility scooter and the other person is walking alongside.

We engaged and supported 12041 people with disabilities and / or Deaf British Sign Language users, we delivered disability and Deaf awareness training to 241 people and formed thirteen part

Why Accessibility Matters – Our products, solutions, and training

We are your local user-led Disability Confident Leader, which means we encourage and support other businesses to become an inclusive, disability, and Deaf-friendly business. We do this through the delivery of quality training, services, and products, designed and delivered by people with lived experience of disability.

Team of people holding certificates for completing their Disability and Deaf Awareness Training at Geevor Tin Mine

Our Funders and Partners

Blue badge with the National Lottery funded logo

It is thanks to the generous support of our funders and partners that our teams are able to deliver our range of support services.

We work with a range of organisations who specialise in particular areas to deliver the support, information, and advice that you need. We are funded both regionally and nationally. To find out more visit our dedicated funders and partners section on our website.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with our charity whether it is coming along to one of our events, or volunteering to help us deliver our services.

Why not become a trustee or host a fundraiser for us?

Find out more on the get involved section of our website.

Our Financial Information

Our income and expenditure can be viewed on the charity commission website.

Phonic FM – Accessibility Matters

Our Radio Show ‘Accessibility Matters aired each month last year and covered information on our support services and hot topics and raising awareness of the things that matter to our service users.

It is a great source of information on our charity and what we do, it also has some lovely interviews, stories, and uplifting beats.

Our Support Services

Deaf Job Club

Giving Deaf people the skills and confidence to access employment / training opportunities.

Learn more

Living Options Devon Keep Active

Our team supports anybody with a disability, or long term health condition to get active and keep active both body and mind.

Learn more

Time To Talk

Our free, confidential listening support and advice helpline, for those with a disability, long term health condition or Deaf people who use BSL.

Learn more

The Hub

Your first point of contact with Living Options Devon, our friendly Hub team connects you to the support services, advice, and information that you need.

Learn more

Deaf Led Services

As British Sign Language users and members of the Deaf Community, the Deaf Led team know first-hand the issues faced by Deaf people and the best advice and support to give to overcome these.

Learn more

Devon Disability Network (DDN)

Enabling disabled and Deaf people to campaign and be involved in developing the support services they need.

Learn more

Countryside Mobility

Providing easy access to the countryside for anyone who has difficulty walking, through an off road mobility scooter hire scheme
Explore the South West with freedom and ease.

Learn more

Deaf Get Active and Volunteer

We aim to increase participation in sport / activity in the local Deaf community through volunteer-based peer support and online resources.

Learn more

Counselling Service

6 free sessions of accessible counselling to people with a disability and members of the Deaf community (British Sign Language Users) across Devon.

Learn more

Our News

Your Feedback on us

Your feedback helps us improve our services and shape our future support for you.

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What does an advocate do?

“An advocate is someone who supports another person to express their views and wishes. Someone might not be able to fully express their opinion or views on a serious matter to do with their wellbeing, health, living or education”.

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Accessible Trails at Glen Lynn Gorge

Glen Lyn Gorge is near the mouth of the River Lyn near Lynmouth on Exmoor and was the recipient of a refurbished all terrain mobility scooter thanks to HCT Turf and the #ILoveMyGarden photo competition.

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What is Counselling?

What is counselling? When should someone seek counselling and how can it help? Find the answers to these questions and many more in this thirty minute interview.

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How we have helped you during the pandemic

We know the pandemic is still ongoing, but it’s important for us to reflect on what we have achieved so […]

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HOPE Programme Facilitator

Help Overcoming Problems Effectively (HOPE) a free 6 weekly session course to help you cope better emotionally, psychologically and practically with your long term health condition.

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