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Our impact in numbers

We’re working to ensure that people with disabilities, long term health conditions and Deaf British Sign Language users can live the life they choose

Our impact in numbers 2022-2023

At Living Options Devon we’re proud to share that between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, over 10,000 people with disabilities, long term health conditions, Deaf people and their families were supported by our projects and services.

Bullet point information and statistics for each service alongside an icon representing the service

Download our impact in numbers 2022-23 as PDF

Our impact in numbers highlights that:

  • We provided 302 hours of professional counselling for Deaf and disabled people
  • More than 6000 Countryside Mobility members enjoyed safe access to the countryside
  • We supported 41 disabled and Deaf people who have been victims of crime
  • Our Sight & Hearing team delivered support and equipment hire to over 190 people with sight or hearing impairments
  • 54 households received financial support from the Food, Fuel and More fund
  • 63 consultation sessions were facilitated, providing a platform for Disabled and Deaf people to be heard
  • Over 400 people took part in physical activity / sport as part of Get Active Together
  • We worked with 84 service providers / organisations to improve accessibility through access audits or advice and delivering accessibility solutions
  • Over 300 people took part in Disability and/or Deaf Awareness Training
  • Over 1700 people were provided with independent professional advocacy in partnership with the Devon Advocacy Consortium
  • Waiting Well provided non- medical support to over 900 people on hospital waiting lists
  • Time to Talk provided 404 hours of telephone and online support offering information, advice emotional support and guided conversations

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