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Help and Support

Your Sight and Hearing

Our specialist team offer free support, impartial advice and equipment information in relation to your sight, hearing or tinnitus.

Sensory Loss - grandaughter hugs her smiling grandmother

Free Support and impartial advice

When our sight or hearing isn’t one hundred percent the things we want to do become harder which can affect our mood and motivation to do things.

Our specialist sight and hearing team offers free support, impartial advice, and equipment information about sight, hearing or tinnitus. Helping you do everyday things more easily.

Equipment to loan

We have a wide range of equipment that you can loan for one week to try out at home so that you can find out what is best for you. We can then advise you on prices and where to purchase the equipment you choose.

Please explore the website for more information, including useful links to our partner and specialist organisations.

A room with different types of equipment to help you see and hear if your have a sensory loss impairment. A man is stood with a woman and uses a magnifier to read a book.
Support and advice from the team
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Sensory Loss

Some of the problems you might be experiencing daily that our skilled and trained team can support you with. Contact us today, we are here to help.

A diagram showing the different reasons why someone might contact us for advice and support for sensory loss, including macular degeneration and Tinitus

Useful Links

  1. RNIB
  2. Action on Hearing Loss now known as RNID
  3. Tinnitus Association
  4. Independent Living Centre
  5. Living Options Northern Devon – sight and hearing loss advice and information
  6. Sight Advice FAQ – answers questions about living with sight loss, eye health or being newly diagnosed with a sight condition. This includes those who are supporting people through their sight loss journey, including parents, partners, carers and friends.
  7. Victim Care and Support
  8. Improving Lives Plymouth – Sensory services

Your Support Services

Travelling with Confidence

Free training to empower people with disabilities to confidently use public transport. Working alongside local transport providers to reduce barriers to public transport.

Learn more

The Hub

Your first point of contact with Living Options Devon, our friendly Hub team connects you to the support services, advice, and information that you need.

Learn more

Time To Talk

Our free, confidential listening support and advice helpline, for those with a disability and/or long-term health condition.

Learn more

Counselling Service

Six free sessions of accessible counselling to people with a disability and members of the Deaf community (British Sign Language Users) across Devon.

Learn more

Countryside Mobility

Providing easy access to the countryside for anyone who has difficulty walking, through an off road mobility scooter hire scheme
Explore the South West with freedom and ease.

Learn more

Victim Care and Support

Free confidential support for victims of crime

Learn more

Sight and Hearing Service

Supporting you with information, advice and equipment for sight and hearing. The team also signpost to additional support services locally for disabled people and members of the Deaf Community.

Learn more

Devon Disability Network (DDN)

Enabling disabled and Deaf people to campaign and be involved in developing the support services they need.

Learn more

Waiting Well

Waiting Well is an NHS funded project connecting patients to services in the community. Working together with the NHS to support people on elective care waiting lists.

Learn more

Your Stories

Carly’s Advocacy Story

“The advocate continued to support me in meetings. It was crucial to my wellbeing that they were there. They found out what my options were, and helped me understand these options, and how they might work for me”.

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Jodie’s Story

“Jodie has been able to fully access two National Trust properties in Cornwall. Today we have been at Godolphin. In April she was able to use the Tramper at Lanhydrock”.

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David’s Story

“When I was diagnosed I went through a very difficult time. I felt despair and self pity. I thought I would not be able to do anything for myself. See Hear gave me hope and inspired me”.

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Mary’s Story

“I am grateful for the help applying for a job”

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William’s Story

I didn’t know what to expect or if they would be able to help me. When I got there it was fabulous. The equipment you can try out and hire makes all the difference.

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Zoe’s Story

‘’Living Options Devon, gave me my life back.’’

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Your Campaigns

We support Purple Tuesday

Ask your local shops to make a commitment to improving access. This could be through implementing the hidden disability sunflower lanyard scheme, or supporting customers with sensory needs with formal quiet hours.

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50 years of Pride

This year the UK is celebrating 50 years of Pride. On 1 July 1972 a ‘carnival parade’ of protest was […]

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BBC Make a Difference Awards 2022

BBC Local Radio has created a new award campaign to celebrate people who are going above and beyond to make […]

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Captioning Awareness Week

Nearly one in five (18%) of UK adults are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.  Fewer than 1% is fluent in British Sign Language, this means captioned performances are vital for the 11 million who want to enjoy the arts like anyone else.

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Tell us about your care

Your feedback will help the CQC develop new services for disabled people, with their needs central to their plans.

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CAN DO Challenge

For Men’s Health Week 2021, Men’s Health Forum is asking as many people as possible to try the CAN DO Challenge.

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Our News

Deaf Awareness Week 2024

We’re proudly supporting Deaf Awareness Week running from 6-12 May 2024

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Devon County Show includes British Sign Language (BSL) signing for 2024

Devon County Show has introduced a number of new initiatives this year to help make the show accessible, including British […]

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A Volunteer Disability Ambassador Network in Devon

Living Options Devon is offering free disability awareness training for community groups, clubs, classes and activity providers as part of […]

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Tesco blue token charity!

Living Options Sight and Hearing Service is a Tesco blue token charity in April, May and June! Please vote for us!

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Are you finding Christmas difficult?

Christmas is a time of year when we are expected to be joyful and sociable, spending time surrounded by family and friends. For many of of us though, Christmas can be a particularly difficult time.

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Support over the festive period

Find details of organisations where you can get help. If someone is in crisis or needs immediate help they should […]

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