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Your gift to our charity, however large or small, makes a real difference to local disabled and Deaf people’s lives. Your support helps us reach our vision that people with disabilities and Deaf people have the same opportunities to be equal members of society.

Teenage girl in wheelchair

There are lots of ways to support us

Fundraise for us

Debbie, Neil and Diane taking part in the Great West Run, they have their running gear on and Living Options Devon orange running vests

Fundraising for Living Options makes a real difference to disabled and Deaf people across the South West.

Whether it’s a way to celebrate an event such as a birthday or anniversary instead of receiving presents, as part of a fundraising challenge or sponsored activity, why not consider raising funds for Living Options Devon?

If you are a school or group we’d also love to hear from you.

Email: Download a Sponsorship Form

Give an in memory donation

The sun is rising behind a pink flower in a blurred grassland

In memory donations are a way to remember someone special and fundraise in their memory. We give heartfelt thanks to the families and friends who donate in this way in order to remember a loved one.

If you would like to talk to somebody about setting up an in memory tribute fund we can support and guide you through the process.


Leave a gift in your will

Two generation walk hand in hand along a woodland path. An older person holds a stick and the young child's hand

Once you have looked after your family and friends, leaving a gift to us in your will is a wonderful way to support disabled and Deaf people in the future.

Leaving just 1% of your estate to Living Options Devon would make a real difference to local disabled people.

Why leave a gift in your will? A gift in your will means you can be there to support people with disabilities in the long term. We depend on the generosity of supporters leaving us these special gifts to fund our projects and continue their work in the future.

Corporate Sponsorship

LOD Fundraising officer collecting a cheque from a Waitrose employee following corporate sponsorship in the store

Businesses can support Living Options through sponsorship, events, payroll giving, donations via sales, pledging a proportion of profits or inspiring your team by choosing Living Options as your Charity of the Year.

We have had businesses choose to sponsor us to deliver special events to our beneficiaries, sponsor the cost of producing communication leaflets as well as supply us with equipment for an events.

Make a donation direct to Living Options Devon

Do something amazing today and support the work we do. Your gift will go towards funding services that make a real difference to the lives of others. You can make one off donations or set up regular giving using your debit or credit card or via Paypal.

The donations that we receive help us to provide services for people with disabilities, Deaf and long-term health conditions. No matter how small or large you consider your donation, you can be certain that you’ll be making a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Donate here

Contact our fundraising team:

Feel inspired to fundraise for us? Want to learn more about how to leave a gift in your will or interested in corporate sponsorship? Please contact us today for more information and a free fundraising pack.

Where does your money go?

A return to the woods for forestry worker Peter

“Being outdoors was my Dad’s passion. The woods were his spiritual home… Thanks to this amazing service, my Dad and I were able to return to the woods…”

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Liz’s Countryside Mobility Story

With help from a Countryside Mobility membership, Liz is now able to enjoy country walks alongside her husband William.

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David’s birthday fundraiser in aid of Countryside Mobility

“I wanted to do something close to my heart. My family and friends know how much I enjoy the countryside. So, I suggested instead of any gifts, if they might like to give a donation to Living Options.”

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Steve’s Countryside Mobility story

“The loss of mobility is forever but these machines will certainly change a disabled person’s perspective of just what might be achievable and remove some of the restrictions if only for a few hours.”

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Carly’s Advocacy Story

“The advocate continued to support me in meetings. It was crucial to my wellbeing that they were there. They found out what my options were, and helped me understand these options, and how they might work for me”.

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Jodie’s Story

“Jodie has been able to fully access two National Trust properties in Cornwall. Today we have been at Godolphin. In April she was able to use the Tramper at Lanhydrock”.

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Annie’s Story

“It stopped me from worrying about things, we could talk things through. It was somebody at the end of the phone to have a laugh with.”

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David’s Story

“When I was diagnosed I went through a very difficult time. I felt despair and self pity. I thought I would not be able to do anything for myself. See Hear gave me hope and inspired me”.

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