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Annie’s Story

Annie is in her seventies and lives alone. She has long term health conditions and physical disabilities. She uses an electric wheelchair and walker. Annie lives in a very rural area with no pavements so it is dangerous for her to get around.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, Time to Talk contacted Annie following a referral from Age UK. Annie felt she needed someone to regularly check up on her and make sure she had everything she needed. The Time to Talk team was able to provide her with someone to chat to as well as support with practical issues.

“It stopped me from worrying about things, we could talk things through. It was somebody at the end of the phone to have a laugh with.”

Annie is one of hundreds of people that the team have helped through this challenging time. Annie feels the free telephone and webcam service, Time to Talk, has helped her to feel less lonely and isolated as there was someone she could talk to.

“It meant that I wasn’t sitting here watching tele or reading alone, it meant I could speak to someone so I knew I wasn’t the only person on the planet.”

For more information visit the Time to Talk page or contact the team Anne or Gwen of freephone number 0300 303 3691 or Text / SMS 07856 426 940 or email

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