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Zoe’s Story

Zoe is a young disabled woman who was living on the streets of a city centre, she contacted the victim care unit, she was distressed, she made a complaint of sexual assault. Zoe had no faith in the authorities and this was not the first time she’d been assaulted. She refused police contact and panicked at the suggestion of a specialist organisation.

Our Victim Care and Support team accepted the case and made initial contact with Zoe by phone, she was very hesitant and admitted that she would probably not attend any appointments. Zoe was given the option of meeting the project lead in an outside location and reassured her that she would not be pressured. She was told that if she felt uncomfortable she would not be approached and that no offence would be taken.

She took the opportunity and started to engage, she trusted us and our Victim Care and support team were able to build on that trust, support her through meetings with housing and the local authority.

Eventually in a flat of her own with a secure tenancy, Zoe is safe, she has the support of housing and adult social care. She is now rebuilding her life.

Find out more about our Victim Care and Support service or contact our Victim Care team for a confidential chat. Mobile: 0773 476 8910 or Email: We also offer indepenedent advocacy service, you can find our more on our Devon Advocacy Service page.

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