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The NHS & Public Health Devon need your help: Complete our COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

Published 3rd March 2022, in News

We regularly consult with people in the community about issues affecting their lives. With funding from Plymouth Hospitals Charity, we are currently undertaking a user-led project called Options for Living that aims to help people who are isolated or significantly affected by Covid-19 to understand vaccination choices that would work for them. The survey is anonymous and you will not be judged in anyway if you have not yet had the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Options for Living aims to increase vaccination uptake for those isolated or significantly affected by Covid-19. We would really appreciate your help with this project and so please do complete this in-confidence survey. Your answers will help us understand issues with vaccination among disabled people and those living with long term health conditions. 

We will use the feedback we gather from this questionnaire to inform the NHS and Public Health Devon on what needs to change. The information you provide will be kept confidential and will be analysed anonymously. All responses will be reported in a summarised format and no uniquely identifiable information about survey respondents will be shared at any time.

Thank you for your support.

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You find more information about the Options for Living project here: