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Devon Engagement Service

Empowering people to have their say on local health and social care related consultations and engagement opportunities

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A central point of contact to engage with local residents

Our Devon Engagement Service provides a central point of contact for local authorities and organisations to engage with particular community groups.

We support and encourage people to take part in surveys, meetings, and focus groups on health and social care related topics. This makes sure their voice is heard and they influence the development and delivery of services.

Who runs the Devon Engagement Service?

We run the Devon Engagement Service, working with a number of local partners. We also work with a wider group of local partners.

We also work with a wider group of local organisations (our engagement network) who we keep up to date with relevant local health and social care related consultations.

Who do we connect with?

Through our organisation, or partner and wider engagement network of local organisations, the Devon Engagement Service reaches a diverse audience, including:

  • The general public across Devon and those in a particular geographical area.
  • People who use a particular service including specialist services that require a social care assessment and those who use condition-specific services.
  • People with characteristics protected by the Equality Act who may use particular services as well as asylum seekers and refugees; economically challenged; travellers; rurally isolated.
  • People who care for others receiving health and social care support.
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How Can I get involved?

If you would like to receive updates including invitations to take part in local health and social care related consultations, either as an individual or on behalf of a local organisation, please contact us email telephone: 01392 459 222 or SMS / Text: 07856 426 940.

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Devon Disability Network

The Engagement Services team engage with members of the Devon Disability Network (DDN) supporting them in having their voice heard and influencing the development and delivery of services.

The DDN is made up of volunteer members from across Devon who meet regularly to raise awareness and influence change on the issues affecting people with disabilities and Deaf people who use BSL.

DDN members attend events across the County to share their experiences living with a disability and help to share information about our charity, our support services, and other disability-related projects and services. Find out more about the group including how to become a member on the Devon Disability Network webpage or contact our HUB team