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Information and Advice Sessions

Free group information and advice sessions on topics relevant to you.

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What is an information and advice session?

An information and advice session is a group training on topics that are relevant to a particular group of people. The topics you receive training on can be on areas you need support and guidance such as employment, housing, benefits and health care.

Our Sessions

Our information and advice sessions are free and run by our friendly Time To Talk team, they provides group information and advice sessions on topics which are relevant to disabled or Deaf people.

Recent topics have included “navigating health and social care”, “assertiveness and motivation”, “Accessible Transport: Know your options and your rights”, “Becoming Self-Employed”. 

These group training sessions are usually provided face to face but due to the current pandemic these are now available online.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on the content of these training sessions, call us on freephone 0300 3033691 or SMS 0785 642 6940

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