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Funding enables peer support for autistic teenage girls

Published 19th January 2022, in News, News & Updates

In December we announced the Covid Winter Pressure Equality and Diversity Fund. We invited local community groups and organisations who support people in Devon through covid to apply. We’re delighted to share information on a community group that is now facilitating peer support for autistic teenage girls thanks to funding they received through us.

WayMakers Devon

Waymakers Devon aims to improve opportunities and outcomes for autistic people. They applied to the grant for funds to host weekly peer support sessions. These are for teenage girls 14 to 19 years old eager for fun, solidarity, or a greater sense of belonging. This small social group takes place in a low sensory room with specialist support.

“It’s great to see the funds beginning to be used, and new support services being delivered to help people during covid over the next couple of months. The WayMakers Devon peer support workshops for teenage girls is a perfect example of the positive difference the winter pressure equality and diversity fund can make”.

Teresa Pollard – Living Options Devon Fundraising Lead