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HOPE Programme Facilitator

Published 3rd September 2021, in Uncategorised, Wellbeing

Do you know about the HOPE programme in Devon? It has been introduced by Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust and aims to help local people struggling with long term health conditions.

The programme helps you to focus on you as a person, not as a long-term condition. It helps you to discover new strengths and rediscover old ones to keep yourself well. It also aims to boost your self-confidence and resilience, to help you cope better emotionally, psychologically and practically with your condition. This is not therapy but more therapeutic!

The HOPE Program

Help Overcoming Problems Effectively (HOPE)

The program is based on a free 6 weekly session course developed by the University of Coventry. If you are ages 18+ and feel overwhelmed with a long term health condition or are unable to maintain good self-management, you can register for the next free course here or Phone: 01803 320600 Email: Completed the program or would like to help others like you? Why not become a facilitator and use your experience to help others.

Can I become a HOPE facilitator?

Would you like to be able to help people like you with long-term conditions become more confident and cope better emotionally, and practically? If so facilitator training is open to anyone who has attended the HOPE course. Contact the team to find out more Phone: 01803 210493 Email: