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Living Options Supports Households In Need

Published 1st June 2022, in News, News & Updates, Uncategorised, Wellbeing

Those with disabilities are being disproportionately affected by the rise in the cost of living. Scope (2022) have found that disabled people are three times more likely that non-disabled people to not be able to afford food and are more than twice as likely to be unable to heat their home than non-disabled people.

Recent studies show that inflation has risen to 9 per cent, while the economy is shrinking. It’s official: inflation rose to 9 per cent in the year to April 2022, figures published this morning showed – its highest figure in 40 years.

There is a strong link between disabled people and the use of food banks, “more than six in ten (62%) working-age people referred to food banks in early 2020 were disabled” (Trussell Trust 2021). Often, there are additional costs associated with being disabled, for example equipment, therapies, heating costs, insurance. With the current rise in cost of living, this figure is likely to increase.

We were given funding by Devon Communities Foundation (DCF) and this funding allowed us to alleviate the immediate needs that disabled and Deaf people are facing as a result of financial hardship.

Over the past couple of months Living Options Devon has been on a spending spree, we have spent over £5000 on buying Fridge Freezers, Washing Machines, Food Vouchers, Paying peoples electricity bills and more… we have been doing all we can to help those in need. The majority of people we have helped are being supported through one of our Living Options Devon services, once the crisis began we were able to quickly identify who to help.

We have helped 24 households and 48 people in total!

We asked the people we supported what their experience with Living Options was throughout, this is what some of them have said.

 Excellent ALL people went extra mile to help me and are still helping me with my problems.

Really great. No judgement on my situation; just happy to help me.

The lady who I spoke to was very supportive, she listened and understood what support I required.

Massively thank you so much. It’ll help us so much in the next few months after extremely difficulty changes recently.

With positive moments like this and caring people like you we will all get there!

I feel cared for and helped when in true dire straits.

This has made people feel Positive, hopeful, valued and optimistic for the first time in a long time.

Our Household Support project has come to an end, but we have lots of other projects that could help you. Please get in touch with one of our friendly Hub Hosts today for help, advice and support.


Call: 01392 459222

Text/SMS: 07856426940