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July is Disability Pride Month 2023

Published 1st July 2023, in News, News & Updates

Disability Pride Month takes place in July. Originating in the USA it has grown to become an internationally celebrated awareness month.

It can mean many different things to different people. This includes celebrating and understanding diversity, sharing experiences and raising awareness of the barriers and challenges faced by people with disabilities.

The Importance of the Disability Pride Flag and using the correct version

The Disability Pride Flag is becoming more widely recognised. The flag was created by Ann Magill and is symbolic of many experiences of the disabled community.

The flag is an update of Ann Magill’s original 2019 design which showed the banner with zig zag lines. Following feedback that the old design could trigger migraines and seizures in photo-epileptic sensitive people, the old ‘Lightning bolt’ flag was redesigned to the flag we see and use today.

A muted black background with 5 stripes of colour running on the diagonal