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Sign Language Week

Published 10th March 2023, in News & Updates

Sign Language Week 2023 runs between 13-19 March. The national campaign is led by the British Deaf Association (BDA) and this year’s theme is Protecting British Sign Language (BSL).

The week is a chance to celebrate and educate the British public about British Sign Language, to encourage more people to start learning the beautiful, unique, visual language, and to protect and preserve BSL for future generations to come.

Our Deaf Led Services team are fluent in British Sign Language and offer Deaf-led advocacy, peer support, information and wellbeing support to the Deaf Community. We are proud to be supporting the week, and you too can get involved by visiting the official Sign Language Week website to learn more.

If you’re active on social media why not show your solidarity by introducing yourself as a #BSLally. Together, we can break down language barriers and we’re excited to see the impact of this year’s Sign Language Week.