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June’s Story

June is in her eighties and has mobility problems. She lives in a small village and does not have much involvement in the local community. She has no family living locally and feels very isolated. 

June contacted Time to Talk because she felt she needed someone to talk to. She did not need any advice or information but wanted some company and a chance to chat as she felt ‘stranded’. She felt that as others are ‘worse off’ she wasn’t getting as much support as she needed.

June has contacted Time to Talk many times and really benefits from having someone who will listen and be a friendly ear and who has got to know her and her background, her general wellbeing is improved.

The support from Time to Talk has helped June to feel less isolated and lonely as she feels she has somewhere to turn. 

If you need someone to talk to contact our friendly Time to Talk Team today. 0300 303 3691 or SMS 07856 426940 or email

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