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Ted’s Story

Ted is fifty years old and suffers with mobility issues, where once he was able to access the outdoors and enjoy walks with his family and friends, in recent years he’s been unable to enjoy long walks on challenging walkways or rough terrain.

Ted loves spending time with his grandchildren and walking the dog. Unfortunately due to his limited mobility, his time with the grandchildren is limited to staying indoors or in the back garden, and walking the dog has become a short stroll around the neighborhood.  

Ted was introduced to the all-terrain mobility scooter hire scheme Countryside Mobility through a friend whose family member enjoys using the service, hiring the tramper at various locations across the south west so to enjoy the great outdoors, beauty spots and attractions.

Ted hasn’t looked back and really enjoys using the scheme. Countryside Mobility enables him to have quality time with his family, to feel included again and able to explore further than just the back garden.

Find out more about Countryside Mobility or contact the team Telephone or Text 07958 517 919 or Email:

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