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Learning Disability

People with a learning disability can take longer to learn and may need additional support to develop new skills, understand complicated information and interact with other people (as defined by charity Mencap).

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What is a learning disability?

According to charity Mencap learning disability is reduced intellectual ability and difficulty to carry out everyday activities. For example doing household tasks, socialising or managing money.

A person with a learning disability will take longer to learn something, and may need additional support with day-to-day tasks.

A learning disability will affect someone for their whole life, it cannot be cured. But it is important to remember that given the right support most people in the UK with a learning disability can live an independent life

Is dyslexia or ADHD a learning disability?

Learning disability is often confused with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, ADHD or Dyspraxia. Mencap describes these as a ‘learning difficulty’, not a learning disability because they do not affect a person’s general intellect.

A learning difficulty usually presents in childhood and can cause a person to experience problems in a traditional classroom setting. Take a look at Mencaps free guides for special educational needs.

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Types of learning disability

There are many different types of learning disability, which can be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. In all cases a learning disability is lifelong.

The charity Mencap are passionate about changing the world for everyone with a learning disability. They are the leading voice of learning disability. Everything they do is about valuing and supporting p[eople with a learning disability and their fmailies and carers.

Why not visit thier website for more information, help and support. Or contact their support helpline.

Learning Disability Week

Learning disability week takes place very June.

For many people with a learning disability and their families, getting creative helps stay connected and positive.

Mencap wants to highlight all the fantastic art and creativity that goes on within the learning disability community. Find out more and get involved.

Get creative this learning disability week!