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Worried about the situation in Ukraine?

Published 11th March 2022, in News, News & Updates

If you’re concerned about the situation in Ukraine and it’s causing you stress or anxiety talk to us

You may have a good reason to be concerned about the awful situation in Ukraine at the moment. You may have family or friends there that you’re worried about or you may be finding the news of what’s happening there very distressing.

If you feel you need to talk to someone about your fears or concerns or need some advice on how to manage your worries you can call or contact our Time To Talk helpline.

If you need to talk to someone contact our Time To Talk helpline via the contact methods below.

Call 0300 303 3691 (Freephone) Text Time To Talk on 0785 642 6940 Contact Time To Talk on Messenger Email Time To Talk Visit our Time To Talk service page Download the Time To Talk leaflet