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999BSL: New BSL Emergency Video Relay Service Launches

Published 28th July 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates

Sign Language Interactions (SLi) has developed a new emergency video relay service for BSL users.

999 BSL logo -  UK Emergency Video Relay Service

999 BSL is the name of the UK’s first ever Emergency Video Relay Service in British Sign Language (BSL) which launched on 17 June 2022.

In a statement in January 2022, Ofcom set out a requirement for communications providers across the UK to make an emergency BSL service available from 17 June 2022.

Ofcom approved Sign Language Interactions (SLI) as the sole provider of the service, which enables deaf BSL users in the UK to make calls to emergency authorities such as the police, ambulance, fire and coastguard services via BSL video relay interpreters.

SLI worked closely with BT and other communication providers to ensure that the service is compliant with Ofcom’s requirements.

999 BSL -  UK Emergency Video Relay Service - instruction video still

SLi communicates regularly with the deaf British Sign Language community, providing regular updates on the service to users and charity organisations.

The service is available to download as a smartphone app (iOS and Android) and you can access it as a web-based platform.

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