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World Autism Week

We're celebrating World Autism this week raising awareness and dispelling myths with autistic blog writer 'autistic on wheels'.

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What is Tinnitus?

What is Tinnitus? Ringing, music, or buzzing in your ears? You are not alone. One in ten people has ongoing persistent sounds in their ears that are not due to external noise. These sensations are known as ‘tinnitus’.

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Have you used one of our support services?

If you would like to share your story on how our support services have helped you throughout this year we would love to hear from you. BBC Radio Devon would feature your story on one of their mid morning radio shows as a pre recorded interview.

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Disability History Month

"Access doesn’t just mean physical access, it’s so much more than that."

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What is a campaign?

A campaign is when a group of people work together in an organised and active way, over a period of time, towards achieving a particular goal.

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Humble Beginnings

Last year our Chair of Trustees Andrew Barge sat down with our founder Peter Swain OBE and asked him a […]

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Should we all be wearing clear face masks?

“I believe the government should provide clear face masks for everyone”

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