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Accessible Adventures with Casey

Published 3rd July 2023, in Blog, News, News & Updates, Uncategorised

Accessible Adventures with Casey – part 3 now available!

We visited Haldon Forest Park and met with Casey Newton filming a three-part series called Accessible Adventures.

The aim of the series is to increase people’s understanding and raise awareness of spinal cord injuries and accessibility in the South West.

Casey talks to us about what accessible activities there are in the area indoors and outdoors, we ask how locations, venues, and activity centres can be made more accessible and she talked us through her story, support and experiences.

Casey’s story

Casey lived an incredibly active life, she was always outdoors either on her bike, on her paddle board or teaching yoga. Tragically in 2021 Casey had a mountain biking accident whilst riding with her partner and friends. She fractured her spine and required a lengthy six-hour emergency surgery once she had been airlifted to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. 

After waking up from her surgery, Casey and her family were given the terrifying news that she was unlikely to ever walk again as the damage to her spinal nerves had been so devastating. Following surgery, Casey has been supported by the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Salisbury receiving rehabilitation. Casey’s positivity and determination are an inspiration to anyone who is in a similar position as her recovering from a spinal cord injury.

Casey has had to adapt to a new life but strives to remain as active as possible. She swims, paddle boards, mountain bikes, plays basketball and more. She is an inspiration to all and we are delighted she felt she could share her story with us. You can follow Casey on Instagram at @casey_gemma_ 

Accessible Adventures with Casey Newton: Parts 1-3

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