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A Volunteer Disability Ambassador Network in Devon

Published 1st May 2024, in News, News & Updates, Wellbeing

Living Options Devon is offering free disability awareness training for community groups, clubs, classes and activity providers as part of forming a new Disability Ambassador Network.

The Disability Ambassador Network is being co-ordinated by Living Options Devon. It aims to build a friendly pool of volunteer Disability Ambassadors from established groups already active within communities.

Disability Ambassadors will offer a supportive point of contact for people with disabilities, or long-term health conditions who are interested in joining.

Ambassadors will receive disability awareness training and ongoing support. Registered clubs, groups, services or organisations will have the chance to be listed on the Living Options Devon website as a part of the Disability Ambassador programme.

Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to help champion disability awareness within the local community or share information and resources.

Megan Kenneally-Stone, Living Options Devon Deputy CEO for Health & Wellbeing explains: “We know that joining a new group or club can be daunting. By linking our service users with Disability Ambassadors within clubs and providing disability awareness training, we want to make the process easier.

The outcome in time being better engaged communities, and a really significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the people we support.”

If you run a community group, club, class or are an activity provider for adults and are interested in becoming a Volunteer Disability Ambassador please contact

Read more about becoming a Volunteer Disability Ambassadors > I’d like to be an Ambassador and register for an induction >

I would like the support of a Disability Ambassador, how do I access this service?

Via our Time to Talk service.

Time to Talk is a free service run by Living Options Devon, providing short term, goal-led guided conversations to empower people with a disability or long term health condition to make a change or improvement in their life, building confidence and self-esteem.

The experienced team provide up to six hours of personalised support dependent on an individual’s own needs and circumstances, working together to understand the most suitable support and connections.

You can refer yourself to Time to Talk by emailing or calling 0300 303 3691