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Let’s talk Scoliosis

Published 26th June 2021, in Blog

Today (26th June 2021) is International Scoliosis Awareness Day. But what is Scoliosis and what does it mean to those that have the condition?

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is when the spine curves to the side. The spine can also twist at the same time. This twisting can pull the ribcage out of position. Scoliosis is not a disease, it just means that in an often otherwise healthy person the spine is curved or twisted. It is not infectious or contagious. It does not develop because of anything a person did or did not do. You can find out more on the Scoliosis Association UK website. They also offer support and advice and can signpost someone with the condition to the specialist care they need.

International Scoliosis Awareness Day 26th June 2021

Throughout June Scoliosis associations have been uniting people across the world to create positive public awareness of the condition. Promoting education, and bringing together those affected. We wanted to take part in raising awareness, as two of our colleagues have the condition. Heather and Sue have different stories to tell about their lived experience of Scoliosis, but one thing that unites them is their positive outlook. You can hear their story as part of their informal chat with Becki and Lydia below or on our YouTube.

“Don’t let it stop you. If there is something you want to do, got for it. You may have to adapt the way you do it, but please don’t give up. Be positive”.

Sue from Living Options Devon talks about what Scoliosis means to her.

Let’s talk Scoliosis – Heather and Sue’s story

Heather and Sue share their lived experience of the condition Scoliosis

Where can I go for more information?

We recommend you get in touch with the Scoliosis Association UK, they are the only UK wide support organisation for people with scoliosis. They are well placed to help anyone, their family and friends affected by the condition

They have a wealth of information on their website. You can call their helpline on 020 8964 1166 or email them

You can find out more about Living Options Devon on our homepage.