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New RAMM Exhibition: A LEGO® brick history of Exeter

Published 8th July 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates, Wellbeing, Your Sight and Hearing

Exeter RAMM Museum has a new exhibition running from 18th June to 11th September called Brick by Brick: A LEGO® brick history of Exeter.

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The exhibition takes you on a time-travelling adventure, journeying from the deepest recesses of Devon’s prehistoric past to Exeter’s dreams of a greener future… all lovingly recreated in LEGO® bricks.

two children playing with lego - Brilliant bridges and thundering trains - LEGO activity

It’s an exciting Lego tour of miniaturised LEGO brick models. Each exhibition LEGO model explores a different point in Exeter’s vibrant history, from its origins in the days of the Roman Empire to the glorious heights of its famous woollen trade, and from the tragedy of the Second World War to its transformation into a ‘garden city’ of the near-future.

You can dive into Jurassic seas where menacing ichthyosaurs prowl, relax in a recreated Roman bathhouse, defend the city from the walls of Rougemont Castle, or glimpse inside the newly built St. Sidwell’s Point Leisure Complex.

The exhibition is full of fun and humour, and is accompanied by objects from RAMM’s collection. There’s children’s playzones, and trails and is suitable for children of all ages.

Visual stories give you an idea of what to expect and can help you plan your day. They are especially suited to autistic people, and people with anxiety and associated conditions.

Learn more about Brick by Brick

You can download the visual stories of the LEGO® exhibition too.

Download the Brick by Brick Visual Guides