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Exeter Northcott Theatre runs accessible shows that are BSL interpreted, captioned and audio described

Published 7th June 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates, Wellbeing, Your Sight and Hearing

We are very pleased to see that Exeter Northcott Theatre are running more accessible performances and their latest is ‘Human’ from theatre company Extraordinary Bodies.

Black background. A woman and a man swinging in the air like a pendulum, looking powerful and graceful. They share a wheelchair which is held up in the air by black circus straps. She has frizzy brown hair, muscular arms and wears a grey tank top. She is kneeling on his thighs and one of her arms holds the straps above her head, while the other points down towards the floor. He has a neatly trimmed brown beard, muscular arms and wears a black tank top. He holds the straps to the sides of his chest with both hands. The image captures them at the highest point of the swing: to our right, bringing the man to an upside- down position with the woman above him. Their bodies are doing something hard, but their strength makes it look effortless.

Human tells stories of togetherness through a combination of circus performance, live original music, dance and film footage. All performances will be BSL interpreted, captioned and audio described.

Information from Exeter Northcott Theatre about the performance.

Part circus, part serenade, part cinema, Human is about the small moments that shape us. On a stage set with a trapeze, circus rope and set of drums, four performers start to tell stories from their lives, from their childhoods, and from the last 24 months. They talk about uncertainty, about times of big decisions and about getting through things together. The character of ‘Circus’ interrupts them: Graziella has fallen on hard times.

Her poetry weaves through the show, becoming part of the storytelling, and her bravery speaks to us all.

Human features live original music, soulful drumming, rope and trapeze performance. Dance and film footage (with integrated BSL interpretation and captioning) is drawn from the performers’ actual lives. The live and recorded sounds are played through silent disco headphones, creating an intimate relationship between performers and audience.

All performances are relaxed, BSL interpreted, captioned and audio described. A promo code is also available, use promo code HUMAN for a £5 ticket offer

More details and booking

A visual story explains what to expect from your trip to the theatre and tells you more about the show itself, in an easy-read format.

Download the easy-read visual story

Find out more about all access aspects of the show on the Extraordinary Bodies website.

See the performance accessibility information
A previous accessible performance at the Northcott - actor with a captioned screen behind them
A previous accessible performance at the Northcott

Exeter Northcott has other upcoming shows with BSL performances that include Noughts & Crosses and Robin Hood.