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The Simply Open Awards is open to anyone with great practical solutions to help with disabilities

Published 7th June 2022, in Blog, News, News & Updates

The Simply Open Awards is a competition offering individuals with any disability or other specific access needs to demonstrate a solution they have created to better manage access challenges in a way that enhances independence, capability or joy.

The Simply Open Awards require individuals to submit a video up to 2 minutes long, showcasing a solution (no matter how simple it is) they have created that improves daily personal experiences, enhances independence, capability, or joy for themselves or for somebody who has a disability or access barrier.‍

illustration of a public speaker being assisted by a visual guide and BSL translator

There are 5 awarding categories and 35 cash prizes totalling £25,000. There are also two prizes for community group entries.

At least 30 finalists from the Simply Open Awards will have their solutions submitted into the Global Discovery Awards for a chance to win a trip to the  Zero Project Conference in Vienna in 2023, where you could find yourself presenting your solution to accessibility leaders from around the world.

For full details and information on how to enter visit the Simply Open Awards.

Go to the Simply Open Awards