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What is a campaign?

Published 25th November 2020, in Blog

There are many campaigns happening both locally and nationally which are helping make positive change for the future. We have put together the campaigns on things that we think matter to you, which you might like to get involved with, joining a group of people to make a social change, but what is a campaign?

A campaign is when a group of people work together in an organised and active way, over a period of time, towards achieving a particular goal. These goals can be political or social change on issues that impact and affect our lives such as human rights on equality or social change on accessibility. Campaigns can also be to raise funds for a something, or to raise awareness of an issue that impacts on the lives of people.

Why is it good to get involved?

Getting involved in campaigns helps raise awareness of things that matter to you and gives us the chance to influence decisions that affect our lives. Supporting a campaign to raise funds or influence social change, makes us feel valued and supported in the things that matter to us, we have a voice to create change and shape services and support for a better future.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”

Helen Keller (Author, political activist and lecturer and the first Deaf and Blind person to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree).

Your Campaigns

Visit the page ‘Your Campaigns’ on our website to find our what campaigns are happening local to you or nationally that are raising awareness or obtaining information on the things that matter to you. Get involved and make sure your voice is heard.

Have a campaign you want to share?

Joining a campaign? Others we’ve not featured? Let us know by email