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What’s yellow in your garden?

Published 23rd June 2021, in Blog, Fundraising, News & Updates, Uncategorised, Wellbeing

Our founder Peter was an avid supporter of our fundraisers, he particularly loved a quiz, and would work with fellow trustee Jean to deliver the annual Living Options Devon Quiz.

Will you support our current fundraiser #ILoveMyGarden?

This is being hosted by local Devon company HCT Turf. They are kindling donating £1 to our charity every time someone enters the photo competition. It doesn’t have to be a flower, it doesn’t have to be yellow, it could be any shape, colour, or size. It could be your pet basking in the sunshine or an insect or patio garden.

Remembering Peter

Whatever it is in your garden, we’d love to see it. Please post a picture on your Facebook or Instagram account using the hashtag #ILoveMyGarden and if you can tag in HCT Turf. You can also enter online at the HCT Turf website. We think Peter would have loved this fundraiser, it’s the perfect way for us to remember his constant positive support.

Thank you for taking part. Don’t forget to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to take part too.

Please take part in the #ILoveMyGarden competition and help us raise funds and give you the chance to win a delicious hamper of local Devon goodies