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How easy has it been to find and keep Personal Assistants?

If you are a person who employs Personal Assistants (PAs), you can help by completing a survey.

A “Personal Assistant” or “PA” is a person who provides support services but is not provided through a care agency.

To understand the challenges of finding and keeping PAs since March 2020, people who use PAs and the groups that support them have created a survey to get your views.

Working together with the Local Government Association and Think Local, Act Personal the survey has been designed to understand your challenges. It is aimed at all people who employ PAs or are supported by a self-employed PA.

A report will be written from the results to share what has been learned.

Get Involved

You can help. Complete the survey online.

The survey is confidential and will not affect the services or support you receive. It will be available until 12 midnight on Sunday 23rd of January.