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Food, Fuel and More support reaches those in need

Published 19th April 2023, in News, News & Updates

The Food, Fuel and More fund has supported over 100 people across Devon struggling financially thanks to the £10,000 of funding.

The Food, Fuel and More fund was available between January and April 2023 for people with a disability, Deaf or with a long term health condition, struggling to cope financially as a result of the current cost of living crisis.

In total we were able to support 54 households. The support included food vouchers, the purchase of white goods and even help with repairs to a mobility scooter.

People with disabilities have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis. This funding proved to be a lifeline for many.

Comments from those receiving the support included:

“Huge weight lifted, I now know I can feed my boys properly over the holidays without stressing too much, weight lifted.”

“Very glad of the help I’ve had, Thank you.”

“A life saver.” “Very helpful at a time of need.”

“I was at a point of seeing no way forward. Being able to cook for my children again gave me the starting blocks of possibilities.”

“I look forward to being able to wash clothes properly. Thankyou.”

“Living options are a very precious company… providing help, support etc when it is truly needed.. they offer it with a great kindness which is truly remarkable in the current times… They also are excellent with interpersonal relations which in turn allows them to be extremely proactive.. just the best!!! A beautiful organisation which I adore.”

“In troubled times they have showed me kindness, consideration, incredible support allowing me to flourish and feel loved and importantly feeling confident when I most need it.”

By including and working with partner organisations we were able to reach the people that required support and ensure funds got direct to those in most need. The feedback from our partner organisations included:

“I have applied to Living Options for support for 3 of my clients who are under the Community Mental Health team. These clients are some of the most vulnerable people in society who would not ask for anything themselves due to their mental health difficulties… I am so grateful as a professional to be able to refer to your service.”
Partner organisation 2023

 “This has helped 11 people in three families. One mother who was struggling with fuel bills… two other families around food due to the inflation with the cost of living. I am so relieved that I have been able to refer them to your charity. Thank you.”
Partner organisation 2023.

The Food, Fuel and More funding has now come to an end, but we have lots of other projects that could help you if you are in need.

Please do reach out to us for further information.