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Pain Management

Help with managing pain without medication. There are many ways to help manage pain without medication. Including mindfulness, exercise, and connecting with others.

Non medical management of pain

The information and links below have been sent to us by our wider network and the community. We have where possible checked the links for accuracy but can’t be responsible for any changes made by the content owner.

  • The NHS managing pain website – providing information and support to help you understand and manage your pain.  Watch videos on pain management here.

    NHS – Managing Pain

  • The NHS HOPE Programme – an online, face to face group support programme 6 sessions over 6 weeks.  These courses are free, friendy and supportive covering topics such as managing fatigue, goal setting and managing stress.

    HOPE Programme

  • NHS South Devon and Torbay – ReConnect2Life.  These six interactive modules help you look at your pain and how it affects you. The programme helps you understand your pain, improve your health and fitness and change the way you think and feel for the future.

    ReConnect2Life (South Devon and Torbay)

  • British Orthopedic Association.  Information and advice for people awaiting elective surgery.  Escape pain helps you self manage and cope with arthritic and consistent pain through exercise.

    Escape Pain