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Your Mental Wellbeing

Your Mental Wellbeing

Providing you with the information and advice you need to help you with your mental wellbeing and to give you access to services that will assist you and your mental health.

How to look after your mental health

Check list and links to services that can help.

Talk about your feelings:

Talking to someone and opening up about your feelings can help more than you know. Take a look at our Counselling service.

Keep Active:

Regular exercise can boost your energy, help you sleep and feel better. Deaf Get Active and Countryside Mobility Could help you.

Eat Well:

Your brain needs nutrients in order to stay healthy. A diet that is good for your physical health with be good for your mental health as well.

Drink Sensibly:

Don’t drink too much alcohol, the temporary high wont last forever. Drinking is not a good way to manage difficult feelings.

Keep in Touch:

Catch up with friends and family, communication is good for everyone. Talk to one of our friendly Hub Hosts today to find out more about our services and how we can get you connected. Hub

Ask For Help:

If things are getting too much, reach out, ask for help, its okay not to be okay. We offer free counselling sessions, contact us today to find out more.

Take a Break:

A change of scenery is good for your mental health. It could be 5 minutes or a long weekend. Deaf get Active and Countryside Mobility could help you get a change of scenery.

Do Something You Love:

Enjoying yourself can help beat the stress, doing something you love will help boost your self-esteem. Enjoy running? Rowing? Painting? Do a fundraiser for us!

Accept Who You Are:

Learn to love yourself, try not to compare yourself to others. Concentrate on your wellbeing.

Caring For Others:

Caring for others can be just as important as caring for yourself. It will help bring you closer to people. Volunteering might be a good way for you to help others.

Be At One With Nature:

Having 30 mins in a natural setting can help us feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress. Hire one of our trampers at one of the many beautiful sites across the South West visit Countryside Mobility to find out more

There are lots of organisations that can help, many with hints and tips that you can put into place straight away:

Why not take a look at the NHS mindfulness page.