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Your Stories is a place where people who use our services and support can share their experiences.  We're focused on supporting you, please contact our friendly team to discover how we can support you to live an independent life that you choose.

  • June's Story

June is in her eighties and has mobility problems. She lives in a small village and does not have much involvement in the local community. She has no family living locally and feels very isolated. 

June contacted Time to Talk because she felt she needed someone to talk to. She did not need any advice or information but wanted some company and a chance to chat as she felt ‘stranded’. She felt that as others are ‘worse off’ she wasn’t getting as much support as she needed.

June has contacted Time to Talk many times and really benefits from having someone who will listen and be a friendly ear and who has got to know her and her background.

“Anyone to talk to is very helpful.. you can just phone them and they are happy to talk to you. They listen and get to know your back story. To know there’s a voice there to listen to you when you need it has made a difference.”

The support from Time to Talk has helped June to feel less isolated and lonely as she feels she has somewhere to turn.  If you need someone to talk to contact our friendly Time to Talk Team today. 0300 303 3691 or SMS 0785 642 6940 or email


  • Mick's Story

Mick's is a Deaf British Sign Language user who volunteers for Deaf Get Active. His role is to be a ‘buddy’ for Deaf people, encouraging participation in sport. He enjoys combining his interest in sports with his wish to make a difference for the Deaf community.

Mick enjoys acting as a role model helping Deaf people feel more confident to take part in sports.  It has also helped him build his own confidence and get back into being active. He has enjoyed meeting new people and spending time with others and feels he is learning new skills through working with sports instructors. 

“It is very rewarding watching people build their confidence and being part of their journey in sports.”

The Deaf Get Active team are all about supporting health and wellbeing, having an active body and a healthy mind and encouraging people in the Deaf community into sport and activities, you don't have to be Deaf to get involved.  Contact the team to find out more  or or SMS 07841204398.


  • Mary's Story

Mary is someone who really wanted to work but was not having a lot of luck getting a job. Mary is profoundly Deaf and has disabilities and language issues, she gets confused at times on what she needs to do and makes mistakes.

The Deaf Led services team have supported Mary in applying for jobs, she needed help filling in job applications and organising interpreters via Access to Work for interviews. Mary was successful in securing a job at her local Co-op, the Deaf Led services team provided further help with on-line training and sorting Access To Work for communication support for Mary. 

“I am grateful for the help applying for a job”

The team will continue to provide support to Mary and her employer on any problems that may arise during her employment. 

Do you want to get back to work? Are you part of the Deaf Community and want support seeking employment or help with your job then please contact the Deaf Led Services Team by email or SMS 0785 642 6940


  • Zoe's Story

Zoe is a young disabled woman who was living on the streets of a city centre, she contacted the victim care unit, she was distressed, she made a complaint of sexual assault. Zoe had no faith in the authorities and this was not the first time she'd been assaulted. She refused police contact and panicked at the suggestion of a specialist organisation.

Our Victim Care team accepted the case and made inital contact with Zoe by phone, she was very hesitant and admitted that she would probably not attend any appointments. Zoe was given the option of meeting the project lead in an outside location and reassured her that she would not be pressured. She was told that if she felt uncomfortable she would not be approached and that no offence would be taken.

She took the opportunity and started to engage, she trusted us and our Victim Care team were able to build on that trust, support her through meetings with housing and the local authority.

‘’ Living Options Devon, gave me my life back.’’

Eventually in a flat of her own with a secure tenancy, Zoe is safe, she has the support of housing and adult social care. She is now rebuilding her life, she has no interest in justice over the offence but knows that our Victim Care team will support her, if and when, she feels the time is right.

Contact our Victim Care team for a confidential chat. Mobile: 0773 476 8910 or Email:


  • Sheila's Story‚Äč

Sheila became a wheelchair user following a car accident.  When she had adapted as much as possible to a different way of living, but not feeling ready for employment, Sheila joined a local group of disabled people who regularly took part in consultations on new services development and local accessibility improvements. Although warmly welcomed, Sheila found it difficult to speak up in the company of people who appeared very knowledgeable about disability rights and had much longer-lived experience of disability.

"I now have my confidence to participate in the discussions that matter to me and a voice I want to share"

Through Living Options Devon free service user training, Sheila learned about legislative reasonable adjustment requirements; assertiveness techniques and active listening skills.

To Find out more about our disability awareness training courses please contact our Disability Champion, Helen Smith by email

*All the names used in these stories are pseudonym's.

THANK YOU...Supporting people like June, Mick and Zoe to not feel so alone, to becoming a valued member of a team and to getting their confidence and life back, is only possible due to the support we receive from our funders and partners and through the generous donations we receive from you. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports and donates to us, you make a massive difference to those who need our support, you help our beneficaries to have a voice and to live the life they choose.   

If you would like to support more people like June, Mick or Zoe then please consider either make a donation or donating your time through volunteering to Living Options Devon. 

Charity Living Options Devon delivers services and support to disabled people, people with a long term health condition, people with a hidden disability and Deaf people who use British Sign Langauge.  Your support ensures we can continue to provide services to those that need us, you can donate here or find out about our volunteering opportunities here. 

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